Cover BO8

issue eight 

interview – planningtorock by mad kate
interview – milena chernyavskaya by ena lind
interview – amos mac by evan ifekoya
interview – sophia wallace by csilla liptai
‘orgasm’ a compendium of tactics
interview – peaches by sadie lune
‘the optimal cunt’ by sadie lune






BO Cover #7

issue seven -  SOLD OUT ! 

interview – lauren flax by ena lind
interview – the stud magazine by keenan
interview – gabrielle la roux by sadie lune
photography by zanele muholi
‘labia’ a compendium of tactics
photography by sadie lune and kay garnellen
photography by camilla storgaard – interview by goodyn green
interview – dolly demoratti by kathryn fischer





issue six

interview – katie stelmanis by keenan
interview – flozif by sadie lune
interview – yuki keiser by ena lind and goodyn green
‘turned off’ a compendium of tactics
mad libs by cindy wonderful
photography by eva weiss – interview by julie fogarty
‘integrated polyamory’ by kathryn fischer







issue five

interview – cheryl dunye by julie fogarty
interview – oli acosta by sadie lune
interview – j.d. samson by cindy wonderful
paintings by stefanie gutheil – interview by goodyn green
‘play sex love’ by kathryn fischer
‘menstrual blood’ a compendium of tactics
photography by courtney trouble – interview by m.j. koury







issue four  -  SOLD OUT !

interview – rosa lux by bobby jules
interview – shunda k. by cindy wonderful
interview – shine louise houston by sadie lune
photography by nikkol roth
‘pubic hair’ by kitty van dyke
photography by goodyn green
drawings by elisha lim
mad libs by cindy wonderful





Soapzine #3

issue three  -  SOLD OUT !

interview – mz sunday luv by cindy wonderful
interview – madison young by goodyn green
‘safer sex for queers’ by sadie lune
comic by inge
‘crunks not dead’ by cindy wonderful
photography by maite j. horta
column by that fucking sara
mad libs by cindy wonderful
illustrations by mieko




special edition


 ’the catalog’ – SOLD OUT ! 

a photo book by goodyn green

(96 pages + postcard)