Bend Over is a paperback sized full-color matte magazine based in Berlin and defunct in 2014.

We feature interviews, photos, art and illustrations from an International collection of artists, musicians and cultural catalysts. Bend Over fills the gaps between queer lifestyle and special-interest publications with a sexy, practical, feminist take on the people and things we love. Art, music, culture, and sex coexist interdependently, just like they do in our everyday lives. Our contributors and features span diverse ethnicities, nationalities, genders, opinions and media.  With more practice than theory, more sex than censorship, and more subversion than advertising our goal is to expose each other to provocative and positive representations of contemporary queer imaginations, actions, and energy.


“…witty yet deep, Bend Over folds urban queer art, feminism, and fun into a tight, sexy little package. The blazing-hot color photography stands out as a cut above other culture mags, with each image lovingly reproduced for Bend Over’s appreciative audience. Even the interviews are surprisingly personal and revealing; you feel like you’re the new guest invited to a warm, rambunctious dinner party where everyone’s been friends for ages. Like Dutch culture magazine Butt’s queer sister, Bend Over appeals not just to the specifically queer-identified, but to everyone who’s attracted to the broad intersection of sexuality, pop culture, and philosophy.”

(Jennifer Lyon Bell, erotic filmmaker)

“Thrilling! A work of Love (& Sex)”

(Jürgen Brüning, PornFilmFestival Berlin)

“It is said that if you put Bend Over Magazine in your left back pocket, queer sex will rain down from the heavens and fall directly on your fists. If you place it in your right rear pocket, you will hear and see amazing queer art, music, and theory. This is why I always carry 2 copies everywhere I go, but this is pretty much what it’s like in Berlin all the time…”

(Syd Blakovich, performance artist)